Annabelle: Creation isn’t a game changer, nor does it attempt to be. Director David Sandberg has hit the usual horror high notes and with that piles on the terror that makes this one formulaic, yet scary. If you can get past the usual silliness that comes thick and fast with the genre, then you’ll get on fine with the latest in the Conjuring series, but otherwise you might find little else to shout about.

Not seeing any reason to see the original Annabelle, early reviews and my love of  the two Conjuring films had me decide to give the devil doll a chance. As much as this one filled me with fright on several occasions, I didn’t get that sense of uniqueness that I got from the others. There’s plenty of tropes on show here, most notable the reckless confrontation of demonic red flags that never make sense, and with that you do get a sense of horror déjà vu creeping in. Comparatively, The Conjuring films have the Warren’s, who provide the horror expertise that constantly remind you that what you are witnessing isn’t run of the mill. Nothing in Annabelle: Creation however has you believe you’re watching something special.





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