How can a film be this bad? I had heard the scathing reviews for Fantastic Four over the past two years, but I never expected this. I am confident there is a piece of film reel sitting in Josh Trank’s basement that would make this film one whole piece, because in its current state there is literally a second act missing. The first half of the film I actually found some merit in its set up. It was clear that the initial iteration of  the script had the film set out to focus on character development before they became ‘Fantastic’, but that set up takes up half of the run time and it just falls apart from there on out. You then have a very cheap ‘one year later’ set up and all of a sudden you’re being catapulted into a final fight you definitely aren’t read for, and from there we become lost in CGI hell and everything crumbles away.

It’s so obvious that there is something missing (literally a section of film) that you can’t help but watch this and feel puzzled that it was actually accepted for release. The argument could be had that any film would be better than no film and they had a deadline for release and needed some monetary return, but this film (if you can call it that) quickly dissipated any chance for a franchise and had critics and audiences come together to stamp ‘flop’ across its fantastic forehead.



  1. Fantastic Four is a really terrible movie, it beguiles me how awful it is, as the FF are such great comic book characters. I still think the FF would work better as a TV series than a film, sadly, I think this film may have clobbered the Fantastic Four from reaching the big screen again – not unless Marvel get the rights back.

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  2. It makes the original a lot more tolerable however. It may be that more superhero movies have to take the Logan or Spider-Man Homecoming take, which is to avoid the ‘how I/we got our powers’ and just jump straight in to a story and build from there. We already know how these guys are gonna turn out, so there’s little need in explaining it to us over the best part of an hour


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