40. Parachuting Fiasco (The Longest Day)

The Longest Day is the greatest war film for me. One I’ve watched since I was young with family and continue to watch when I have the time. The scene in which the paratroopers attempt to land in France and miss their drop point, only to fall to a small village crawling with Nazi troops is real hide behind your pillow film making. Not because it’s frightening, but because you realise these men are falling straight to their doom and there’s nothing you can do about it.

39. Quiet Mountain Town (South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)

The greatest musical of all time. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s knack for putting together a brilliant musical medley is ridiculous, with their South Park feature film holding some of the greatest and most memorable moments from the TV show’s history. The way the film opens sets you up for a side splitting time, with the greatest song of the bunch first on the sheet.

38. Tiny Dancer (Almost Famous)

The power of music is a theme running through Almost Famous encapsulated most by this one amazing scene. Tensions are running high after a rough night and the tour bus is awash with the sound of silence. However, music once again brings the group together and reminds themselves of why they’re there in the first place, raising the spirits with the Elton John classic ‘Tiny Dancer’.

37. The Last Song (Dancer in the Dark)

I usually jump to Requiem For a Dream when I think of most depressing cinematic experiences, but as far as single scenes go the ending of Dancer in the Dark is truly gut wrenching. The film throughout covers escapism through song, how Selma escapes into a fantasy musical world when her life over and over begins to break around her. Avoid the scene linked if you haven’t scene the film. If you watch it, be warned it is horrific as it is poignant.

36. Train! (Stand by Me)

I just love this scene. One of my favourite films from when I was a kid and still to this day I love to rewatch it. Every time they put their ear down on that track my heart starts racing and I await the panic to strike the foursome. You naturally find yourself screaming at them to get a move on even though you know the outcome is relief. Still, it’s one of cinema’s greatest chase scenes.



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