45. “I am Your Father” (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)

As synonymous with the franchise as it is with cinema as a whole. The moment in Episode V where Darth Vader drops a bomb on his son Luke is an iconic movie moment. George Lucas didn’t tell anyone (not even the actors) about the plot twists and on set the line was ‘Obi Wan killed your father’. Safe to say that spun heads when it hit cinemas.

44. The Castle Attack (Ran)

Akira Kurosawa was almost blind when he made his adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear, yet despite that it’s probably one of his most visually breathtaking films. The scene in which two sons join forces to attack their father’s castle is unmatched in sheer scale. There is so much happening its quite hard to grasp it all, not only because there’s so many extras on hand in the destruction but they really accentuate the chaos through having the red and yellow armies run amok in the fog. It’s a long scene to watch, but worth your time.

43.  Funny like a clown? (Goodfellas)

The moment where you realise just how scary Joe Pesci can be. You share in the reaction of Ray Liotta when you watch Pesci begin to sour the moment and you quickly go from a relaxing laugh to gut wrenching fear for your life. You hold no cards in this scene and you begin to realise Tommy DeVito can turn on a button. You just watch fixated on his words and hope and pray that he manages to find control somewhere. A great character scene.

42. The Final Fight (Kung Fu Hustle)

Kung Fu Hustle is one of the greatest comedy imports to reach the West, and this scene encapsulates its greatness. Though it holds many great martial arts sequences, this final scene combines its best moments by being so over the top, so absolutely ridiculous that out of context it looks insane. To be fair, it’s pretty insane in context, but at least it makes a little more sense.

41. Calm your fury (Princess Mononoke)

Though a huge fan now, I initially eased myself into Studio Ghibli with the softer features. Spirited Away, The Cat Returns, Kiki’s Delivery Service. When I got to Princess Mononoke I was really taken aback. The opening chase scene of Ashitaka by the nightmarish boar really shocked me and still stands as one of my greatest and most memorable. Not only that, but the animation here is simply astounding.


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