Ghost in the Shell

It still surprises me that we are actually getting a Ghost in the Shell movie. For years I crossed both fingers and toes that the whitewash brigade would stay away from my beloved anime films, but it seems in all my hope of them staying away from Akira,  I forgot to think about this. Still, I like many fans are slowly being won over, and after those initial short clips that really captured the beauty of the original, this trailer appears to be sticking as close to the source material as possible while still providing a story mainstream audiences will lap up. Early doors, but this one could actually be decent.

Also, that Depeche Mode remix is amazing.

Beauty and the Beast

I’m sorry, but I still can’t get over Ewan McGregor’s French accent. After he pointed it out on The Graham Norton Show I can’t stop noticing that he sounds like he’s doing Mexican. That aside, I’m not completely sold on this. The Beast does look good and props to that, but opposite him I don’t like Emma Watson here. Belle in the original animated movie is so animated and bubbly, yet I’ve never seen Watson as particularly warm. Also, Luke Evans is fine as Gaston, but I still can’t help but think Henry Cavill would have been perfect. My bitterness will hold me back here I can see it.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

It may be in keeping with the graphic novel, but that film title won’t stick in the minds of the masses. Also, completely sensible to brag about The Fifth Element since there definitely seems like there’s similarities in the world building, but Lucy? I don’t think that’s something you should bring up Luc Besson. The film itself at first glance suffers from a case of visual diarrhea. There’s so much going on it’s hard to filter it in order to digest. I’m not completely sold on the partnership of Delevingne and DeHaan but once again it’s hard to get a true scale of that in all the CGI. Still, this does look new and could pass for exciting, so I’ll definitely be going to see it.


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