We’re back! We’ve been away for a while with most of us being busy, on holiday and then celebrating one of our contributor’s wedding this weekend! With all that over, let’s get back to business…

Army of One

When Nicolas Cage is given free reign to do whatever the hell he wants, you get him at his best. Army of One looks absolutely ridiculous and doesn’t initially fill me with confidence simply because it has Russell Brand playing God (as if his ego needed such a role), but with Cage in such a laughably absurd role I’m sure there won’t be anything else at the pictures that’ll match it. The only question is whether this is a genuinely humorous comedy or whether it’s so shockingly bad it still has the same effect.One to see regardless.

John Wick 2

It’s unknown to nobody that John Wick was an internet sensation and quickly became a cult hit, and in doing so reinvigorated Keanu Reeves’ career. It’s no surprise then that a sequel has been in the works, and would be no further surprise if they keep this going into somewhat of an action franchise. Choreographed to a tee, the trailer looks like John Wick 2 will be equally entertaining, and with the added bonus of a Neo/Morpheus reunion I’m sure this one will go down a treat.

Power Rangers

I was hit with a wave of nostalgia just from mentioning Power Rangers. My only misgiving with the whole thing is that this nostalgia is embedded with cheese, so much so that it’s actually quite jarring seeing a conceptual idea for Power Rangers put forward that actually could make a decent action movie. Full credit to the marketing team here because this is a very good trailer, understanding that the idea behind Power Rangers is quite well known and putting forward nothing really other than initial characters and early origins behind their power. Time will tell whether that hype train will keep sailing on.



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