Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

It’s not the greatest of names, but surprisingly I feel quite positive about this one. I’m a big fan of the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie but not the franchise as a whole, but the introduction of Javier Bardem as the ghoulish Captain Salazar is a sure winner. We’ve seen before that he is fantastic as a villain (No Country for Old Men, Skyfall) so it’s good he’s doing it again, and with the obvious introduction of the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow at some point I may actually be glad to revisit the swashbuckling adventure genre.

The Hollow Point

Ever since seeing Hell or High Water I’ll take westerns any way I can, whether that be in setting or in style. The Hollow Point trailer is a bit heavy on plot which is a shame as it looks like it could have plenty of twists and turns to go on. They’ve definitely amped up on the contemporary violence in this one and it looks like it could be a bloody affair. Patrick Wilson plays the sensible sheriff replacement for the loose cannon cop in Ian McShane, who together could play a great duo that polarise the job in a place where the law holds many grey areas.


You can always rely on Jim Jarmusch to provide an idiosyncratic existential piece that requires a significant amount of mulling over. Paterson is the director’s bread and butter, with Adam Driver playing an apparent simple bus driver with a knack for poetry. Of course and as always with Jarmusch, there’s bound to be a lot more going on but that isn’t all clear from the trailer. One of the quoted reviews says ‘a movie for everyone’ which I expect is a little exaggerated. This one is likely there for those who are open to dissecting a movie rather than simply enjoying it from a sensory aspect. It’s more than likely that this film will be more about mood and character rather than plot.


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