I saw this trailer so you don’t have to. Seriously though, avoid watching this one. It gives way too much away and seems to be relying more on the pulling power of the two hot properties on show rather than the narrative. Potential twists are alluded to and obvious answers are apparent so if you’re interested in a Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence sci-fi movie (as most people would be) then try your best to avoid these reveals. The worry is if Passengers relies solely on a third act twist then it may be already dead in the water.

The Whole Truth

Can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan of courtroom dramas, but I’m willing to give this one a chance. It appears with the way the narrative unfolds in the trailer that the boy on trial is actually innocent, or at least not entirely guilty, and with that the finger is then pointed towards the mother. If it is that simple, then The Whole Truth will bring nothing new as I know I won’t exactly be wowed by the acting on show when you have Keanu Reeves and Renee Zellweger to work with. However, if it true that there is some other truths to unfold and interest us, then I will allow for this courtroom drama to become a crime thriller. Yet as always, that’s a big if.

Mean Dreams

Now this is a trailer. Very little is given away in Mean Dreams, and there’s even a thematic twist early on, and from that point on you feel a sense unease and palpable danger throughout. There’s a few one word reviews thrown in to the mix (which could always be taken out of context) but they do sum up what you catch a glimpse of and it appears promising. Some reviews I’ve read from Toronto and Cannes have been overly positive but it’s definitely worth a watch, if anything for the ever entertaining Bill Paxton.





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