Fifty Shades Darker

I bet you’ve been waiting in agony for this one haven’t you? I find it easy to mock a book series famous for being mainstream literotica, but I can’t argue that there is clearly an audience out there for what the Fifty Shades series has to offer. Still, the scenes and images we are tantalised with in this first teaser trailer do nothing to dispel any notion that the film will be anything more than intense staring followed up by some slightly raunchy sexcapades. However, I don’t think the target demographic need to be sold on this one and if anything the trailer does its job.  That is simply to announce that come Valentines Day 2017 your wife now has plans for the evening.

The Promise

Apparently this film is facing a hostile reaction from certain groups of people across the internet. The Promise details what is on the whole an uncovered part of history when it comes to cinematic interpretation. As an overview it will cover the Armenian genocide, of which there are several groups who deny that such a thing ever occurred. Because of this the Youtube comments on the video are now disabled and the film sits at a distorted 3.8/10 on IMDB. I hope that the film does well enough that word of mouth spreads its popularity, as it seems like this is a story that needs to be told, regardless of how well the film tells it.

Free Fire

Simply put, this one looks like fun. If anything saw the fantastic Nice Guys this spring then Free Fire looks to have that feel to it, running to a quick beat and combining quips and action atop a seventies backdrop. You’ve got a nice cast in Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Cilian Murphy and an over the top Sharlto Copley that look like they’re combining some potentially fun comedic stylings that could make for an adrenaline fuelled riot. It’s hard to imagine that this one would be easy to dislike.


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