For Mel Gibson

“Say what you want about Mel Gibson but the son of a bitch knows story structure.” At the recent Venice Film Festival Gibson’s latest WWII feature Hacksaw Ridge received a ten minute standing ovation at its premiere showing. I can’t even imagine how good a film has to be to have people applaud it for ten minutes straight, but if anything it’s a good marker that Gibson may be on to another epic.

For Emma Stone

I can’t get enough of the hype for La la land. The Volpi cup (the award given to the best actor and actress of the festival) for 2016 went to Oscar Martinez for The Distinguished Citizen and Emma Stone, beginning what is expected to be the trail of plaudits that will lead to the Oscars. The actress has recently gone on record stating that her performance in the role comes much from her early experiences in Hollywood trying to make it, and it seems calling on that history has helped her greatly. Who knows how far they can go with this.

Batman fans

With DC trying hard to ruin all of their hot properties, step up Ben Affleck to save the day. Creatively involved in what is now the planned Batman stand alone reboot, the announcement this week came that Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike) will play Deathstroke, a mercenary well known across the DC comics. The announcement appears to have hit well with fans, but hype is a dangerous thing as we have all learned. Still, with Affleck at the helm many are struggling to play it cool.


For Ben-Hur (again)

Sometimes it’s fun to beat a dead horse. Unsurprisingly the international reception for Ben-Hur has matched it’s American run and is set to make $120M loss. If that becomes fact, it will officially be the biggest box office bomb of the summer season, and expectingly the year. Will this finally be the death of this brief revival of the sandal epic?


For Brotherhood

It was announced this week that British actor Aaron Eaton, a cited up and comer and star of the recent Brotherhood movie in the UK, was found dead at the tragically young age of 29. The cause of death remains unclear currently but regardless it is a tragic age for anyone to pass away. Eaton was known in the London area through his mentor work for young actors, given talks at youth clubs and working alongside talent agencies. RIP


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