For  Jackie Chan

Last week it was announced by the Academy that Jackie Chan would receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at next year’s Oscars, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone out there who would argue against it. Though his movies have probably never come close to receiving anything near acclaim that would bring about the attention of the Academy, they do recognise his dedication to the craft that has led him to be a household name. If anyone has the time, the amazing video ‘Every Frame is a Painting’ on Jackie Chan is a must watch to learn just how dedicated to perfection the man was.

Uncharted fans

Some of you may see this as bad news, but when you look at Hollywood’s track record with video game adaptations, and further to that Sony’s track record with…making movies, you should see this as a bullet dodged. The beloved Uncharted series are already cinematic experiences in their current form with extended cut scenes and theatrical narrative that doesn’t push it far from a movie. There’s no need for it to become anything else.

La La Land

The hype is real. The upcoming film La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and directed by Damien Chazelle (the man behind Whiplash) has been wowing audiences at Telluride Film Festival, to the point where people are already spouting off Oscar buzz across all categories. Even Tom Hanks, who has his own Oscar tipped film in Sully, interrupted his Q&A at the festival to lay his own plaudits on the film and ask people to go see it. If that’s not endorsement I don’t know what is.


For the Ghostbusters remake

It’s not been a pretty ride for Judd Apatow and his female foursome who led the Ghostbusters remake to poor box office figures and a cruel onslaught from keyboard warriors across the internet. With the film set for DVD release soon, Sony have changed the film’s name to Ghostbusters: Answer the Call in what must be an attempt to set distance between it and the original, and with that hopefully appease angry fans.

For movie fans

This week brought the announcement that two well known and well loved actors had recently passed away. John Polito, famed supporting actor known particularly for his work with the Coen Brothers died aged 65 with hundreds of films under his belt. The second, Gene Wilder, legendary comedic actor and screenwriter created a legacy that will have touched many. If you fancy a trip down memory lane, relive is rendition of Pure Imagination in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory which is one of my fondest memories from childhood and a perfect cinematic moment. Both will be sadly missed.



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