The key vernacular in this piece when it comes to reviewing it is that we have ‘mom’ over ‘mum’. Of course you may see that as being pernickety, but the American Mom comes across as slightly different to that of our own. Rushing to PTA meetings, followed by soccer practice and then topped off with a late drive for a bake sale is a way of life not too familiar to the British matriarch, but it is one that leads Mila Kunis to be tipped over the edge in this female-led comedy and shout enough is enough.

Alongside her comedic compatriots Christina Applegate and Kristen Bell, the three decide to be bad moms, and with that throw off the shackles of expectation and instead set out to take their own lives back. Cue wild parties, one night stands and frequent use of the slow motion effect. Together the trio keep the jokes coming thick and fast with Mila Kunis sitting in the middle between Applegate’s vagina jokes and Bell’s depressive humour. That’s not to say it always works but on occasion they do hit the right note and with that keep the film flowing, which is fortunate because the story does nothing to help.

That’s because on occasion the film tries to push past the simplistic comedy tag and go for something important, making the occasional point on the role of motherhood and its ever shifting perspective in the development of the modern woman. Unfortunately, there’s one too many vagina jokes to take that message seriously. You can take it as a two hour break that’ll provide you with enough good moments to be worth the trip, but you won’t remember all too much by the time you’re home.




  1. There’s not a lot of comedy movies I really enjoy, I guess it’s not my medium for humor. Interesting to hear that vagina jokes are making a comeback.


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