For Bad Boys

Best start thinking about what you’re gonna do, because yes, they’re coming for you once again. Director Joe Carnahan revealed this week that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be reprising their roles for Bad Boys For Life. I’m a big fan of the Bad Boys films and one more could make an explosive trilogy if Smith and Lawrence can rekindle their bromance. The only problem is being forced to wait till 2018 for this one.

For Bladerunner sequel fans

I have to say sequel fans because I know everyone isn’t jumping for joy that they’re revisiting what is one of the greatest stand alone sci-fi movies of all time. However, those working on this sequel appear to be doing everything right so far. Dennis Villeneuve has brought Jared Leto to the table. Details of his character are being kept under tight raps.

For David Lynch fans

A recent BBC culture poll of 177 film critics have put Lynch’s 2001 surrealist film Mulholland Drive as the greatest of the 21st century so far. Despite most of us who have seen the film not knowing what the hell is going on, that hasn’t stopped the best of the best from putting it atop others including Spirited Away, In the Mood for Love and There will be Blood.



For Sandal Epics

The latest Hollywood retelling of Ben-Hur recently crashed at a disastrous debut box office take of $11.2 million, almost $89 million short of its initial budget. Add that to some truly destructive reviews and this is a bona fide flop. The good thing is it’s stinkers like this that are the only way to show the studios that the general public won’t lap up any and all remakes.

For People Short on Time

The next feature from Martin Scorsese titled ‘Silence’ is reportedly expected to be over 3 hours long. Of course The Wolf of Wall Street pushed close to that time and many didn’t see that as an issue, but the Silence is a historical drama with a reported runtime of 195 minutes. Following Jesuit priests in the 17th century doesn’t exactly breathe excitement,

For Paramount Studios

Add Ben-Hur to TMNT and Star Trek Beyond and what you have is three financial failures that make a bad summer run for Paramount studios. Even though Star Trek has done well with the critics it wasn’t enough to bring out the masses and what is left is a host of flops that have left the big studio execs scratching their heads. Maybe it’s time for some original ideas guys?


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