Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

As astonishing as it is that this film franchise is still going, it’s even more shocking that they thought chiming in with Sweet Child O’Mine in the trailer was a good idea. In what appears to be titled ‘The Final Chapter’ it seems they want to come full circle by sending Mila Jovavich back to the Hive where she experienced hell under earth in the first film. The game doesn’t have the same draw it had in the mid to late nineties and the Resident Evil films have even less of a pull. It seems like this maybe one for a die hard fans and them alone.


It’s once again time to board the Christopher Nolan hype train. We’ve only got a teaser of his war epic Dunkirk to over analyse until desperation sets in, but it’s already enough to get many excited. We have some beautifully monotone establishing shots that play out more as photographs than movie scenes, but there is one moment that really gets the blood pumping. The single, almost motionless shot of a boat that is likely heading towards the beaches at Dunkirk is captivating stuff. The deafening roar of an ever approaching fighter plane grips you with dread. This is already appearing like it could be an early stand out for 2017.


Non-action led Sci-fi always prove interesting concepts. There’s nothing much alluded to in the trailer for Arrival but it’s enough to peak curiosity. I’m confused why they would send in a translator/interpreter when I imagine they pose little use if they don’t understand the language, but then again that’s likely a nitpick that would probably make sense in the feature. There’s an interesting cast here with the likes of Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, and other than having faith in their abilities there is little more to say here, other than that I’ll be keeping this one on my radar.


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