The Great Wall

The Great Wall seems equally hilarious and ridiculous. What is down to be the most expensive Chinese movie of all time means it should be a given that this one is at least interesting on the eyes, but there’s a large amount of cheese that exudes from this one, most notably through China’s saviour being Boston street tough Matt Damon, who I can only assume was paid mega tonnes for this. Oddly though, this is directed by Yimou Zhang, who has made some fantastic movies that include To Live, Hero and House of Flying Daggers so maybe there is a diamond in the rough here. Fun fact though, both Matt Damon and Andy Lau star in this film, who played the same character in Infernal Affairs and its American remake The Departed.


I honestly think advertising a film as directed by M. Night Shyamalan actually works against their favour. However, The Visit was not terrible by a long stretch and with James McAvoy here he has a versatile actor to work with that could finally get him back out of everyone’s bad books. Of course he is going to need someone like McAvoy to play a character that has Dissociative Identity Disorder of which there are over 20 personalities to convey. It could easily get silly this one and the supporting cast will need to pull their weight too, as I don’t think 20 McAvoy’s could do it alone.

Hacksaw Ridge

I would actually ask people to avoid seeing this trailer if you’re interested in the film as it gives most of the plot away. One thing it doesn’t say interestingly is that this film is directed by Mel Gibson, which for me is still a selling point despite his personal gripes. The man knows where to point a camera and this could be an interesting tale of a different kind of bravery with Private Desmond Doss, a soldier who refused to kill people. For me war films are in need of a resurgence and I hope Hacksaw Ridge is further evidence for that, so long as it controls the melodrama that is so obviously oozing out of the moral fibre of the story.




  1. The trailer for The Great Wall had me hooked right up until Matt Damon showed up on screen. I tend to be a little too forgiving of certain Hollywood practices but even I can’t defend this. It makes no sense for Matt Damon to be there in that setting. Too bad, because it otherwise looks like it could be a great film.


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