For Pokémon

If you are like, well, anyone else in the world you are playing Pokémon Go. It’s addictive, it’s nostalgic and it’s actually getting people out into the wide world. So it’s time we got people back indoors with a new Pokémon movie. It’s been said to based on the obscure Detective Pikachu game that never was released anyway other than Japan. There are conflicting reports regarding it being animation or live action.

For Marvel

It’s the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, so we have plenty of news to report. The big Marvel news is the casting of Captain Marvel. Oscar winner Brie Larson is the lucky person to be playing Carol Danvers, who will no doubt become a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For DC

Whilst over at the DC presentation, they came ready for a fight with trailers for both Wonder Woman and Justice League. The reaction has been pretty strong (but I’ll leave critiquing the actual trailers to Trailer Tuesday). However the trailers do show a change in tone…


For DC

…to a more Marvel style quips. Is it admitting defeat? Probably not. What is surprising is that the news of casting a relatively unknown Marvel character was bigger news than DC’s offerings. What a crazy time for comic book movies we live in.

For Me

I wish I was a Comic Con.


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