Now everyone will realise Chris Tucker is what made Rush Hour great. That aside, it’s great to see Jackie Chan is still kicking ass at the wise age of 62. The man is still in great health and I imagine his work ethic and dedication to the craft means he still does all his own stunts. Maybe they tone them down a little (which is an acceptable shame) in this but it’ll still be nice to see. Johnny Knoxville on the other hand…


The Edge of Seventeen

Get ready everyone. It’s time for another coming of age indie flick. The usual life ending problems female teens face are all covered here from first crush to backstabbing friends along with a touch of melodramatic depression. Fortunately that indie twang allows for it all to be quite appealing to watch and share in, and maybe for a moment feel that high school is quite the difficult time for the ones that stand apart from it all.


A Monster Calls

I have no idea if this is a fantasy movie in which the monster is a metaphor for the rage this young boy is facing, or whether the monster itself is an apparition for this rage and thus doesn’t exist within the context of the movie. Either way Felicity Jones is as eye-catching as anyone roaming around the film circuit at the moment and everyone should definitely perk up and watch anything she stars in. Visually the film looks uniquely striking too so it’ll be interesting to see just what coverage this one gets, but at first glance it definitely looks like an interesting look into the emotions of a child in need.

La la land

From the writer and director of Whiplash. Do you honestly need to say anything else?Both an intricate and beautifully hypnotic trailer. Literally nothing is alluded to other than brief images out of context that give little to nothing away. Ryan Gosling singing over a piano is surprisingly soothing and it lulls you into a comfortable feeling as you watch, what is, beautiful shots and visuals that pose questions about what this film could entail. Despite little to go on so far I can say I am eagerly excited for La La Land  to hit theatres.





  1. When I watched these trailers the other day I was actually quite disappointed. Non of the trailers made me interested in the movie, I just really would like a nice trailer atm!


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