Why Him?

I have to admit when I saw Bryan Cranston in this I first thought to myself “Well it will be interesting to see him do comedy.” Completely forgetting that I was basically raised on Sky’s weekday line up of The Simpsons followed by Malcom in the Middle starring the very man. That’s how well Cranston has done to show off his acting chops and with hindsight I now say that he can show off his old skills once again. Hopefully he is a little more than the grump in the feature as Why Him? comes off a little daft in the trailer. Problem may be however that daft is what they’re going for.

Bleed for This

Could Miles Teller finally realise his potential? For everyone who saw Whiplash it was clear the 29 year old could be destined for great things, but a string of easy choices and contractual obligations mean he has made some poor choices that dilute his success so much so that you wonder whether the good acting we see glimpses of is just a lucky swing. Fortunately Bleed for This looks like Teller is stepping up to the plate again with another blood, sweat and tears character piece where he seems to be going all out. High hopes already prop this one up and it could be a boxing movie that goes the extra mile.


You’re a grand wizard Harry! Continuous props go to Daniel Radcliffe ever since he left the Potter pals as his career choices have been nothing short of interesting, but I guess that’s quite easy to do when you’ve already made your career millions. Imperium channels a ‘true story’of an undercover agent who attempts to uncover a bomb plot by a group of Neo-Nazis. If this can channel some of the jailhouse politics championed by American History X with an added thriller flair then this could be something special, but unlike many of those in trailer I won’t judge the film on first glances.



  1. At the beginning I thought “Why Him?” was a fun idea but after seeing the whole trailer they lost me, I really didn’t feel like watching that movie.
    I am also not a big fan of Miles Teller and won’t probably watch the movie because of it (I know I’m a bad person, but I’ve watched enough of him)…

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