Some of the best movies out there didn’t reach the pedestal from which they currently stand before a director’s cut. It seems after the demolishing that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice got at the hands of critics and fans alike, Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder quickly teased that their ‘Ultimate Edition’ in hope of retribution to right a lot of wrongs that even they seemed to have stopped denying. At a mammoth 2 hours 54 minutes before the credits the ultimate edition will only pull in the fans and the dedicated who hope Snyder’s true vision was lurking in the deleted scenes and that all the problems could be washed away by a little bit of padding. If you can sense my tone you can already tell I’m not overly sold. (General BvS spoilers ahead)

There isn’t one particular thing that is added to but rather several of the story lines are filled out a little more to provide a greater level of continuity and understanding. The Africa backstory is the first elaboration we see but it still doesn’t really make clear why they thought Superman did the damage. They do however add several scenes with Kahina Ziri, the African lady who testified against Superman which provides much needed insight and helps fine tune the intricacies of Lex Luthor’s master plan.

Other added moments include some more scenes behind the Bat branding, a bit more around the bombing of the Capitol and a Bruce Wayne workout montage, but the only bit for me that stood out was a final scene in which Batman confronts Lex and tells him he is having him transferred over to Gotham, where a pale Eisenberg gets even paler.

Otherwise a few moments here and there were never going to save this film. Of course the Ultimate Edition is better if you have the time, and I don’t think the film necessarily dragged at any point, but if you’re short on hours you ain’t missing much. The flaws in script and dialogue remain and even though you do get a greater sense of Snyder’s vision for the film it isn’t a comforting thought when you can only critique what is laid out in front of you. Maybe we should expect to look forward to the Super Ultimate edition next spring.





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