For Fast and Furious (as usual)

I love Fast and Furious. Because of this bias I hold, nearly every piece of news from the franchise makes its way onto News Reel. However this week’s F&F news is so good that I don’t feel guilty. Helen Mirren has been cast in Furious 8. That’s fucking awesome.

For Sicario Trilogy Hopes

In Mexico, “Sicario” means hitman. In Hollywood, “Sicario” means money. Despite the fact the movie hasn’t even released its sequel yet, a third movie for the Emily Blunt led franchise has been all but confirmed.

For The Female Ocean’s Eleven Movie

The title for Sandra Bullock’s all female version of Ocean’s Eleven spin-off has been confirmed as Ocean’s Eight. The flick, also starring Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth Banks and Mindy Kaling, is seemingly avoiding the sexist flack which the new Ghostbusters received.


For The Female Ghostbusters’ Movie

On the flip side, the cast of the upcoming female reboot of Ghostbusters have been making the rounds of media outlet in anticipation of the movie’s release but have spent all their time answering critics. The reaction is overshadowing the film. I just hope it’s actually good because if this movie goes south, Twitter is going to be intolerable.

For Neon Reels

You may have noticed it’s been rather quiet in the world of Neon Reels recently. WELLLL, that’s to do with the football. All the writers are huge football fans and are enjoying the fiesta the European Championship brings. The volume of articles will pick up as the games drop in quantity… WE PROMISE!


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  1. I share your sentiments regarding the Furious and Sicario franchise. Dame Helen made me excited for the latest installment (my love for the franchise kinda disappear when Han Seoul died). As for Sicario, who knew the ever lovely Emily Blunt could be so badass? (Although she already kicked so much ass in Edge of Tomorrow)


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