The next big Disney animated comes in the shape of Moana, based on Polynesian mythology. The trailer is an odd one. Although it shows off the fantastic blend of hand-drawn and CGI animation, it fails to tell you anything about the star of the movie. Instead Moana is cast aside as Māui, a legendary demi-God voiced by actual demi-God Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is given the vast majority of the trailer. This trailers feels like a character trailer released just before the movie’s release, not as the jumping off point into the, no doubt, huge marketing campaign. Nothing in the trailer will turn you off seeing Moana, so I remain quietly hopeful for another Disney classic.

Pete’s Dragon

The original 1977 version might not exactly be the first Disney classic that springs to mind, but Pete’s Dragon looks like it could be a fun family romp. The dragon in the trailer looks a lot shaggier than any versions in modern day storytelling (Toothless included) but that does fit with the source material. The original Elliot (the name of the Dragon) was on the rotund side with a Donald Trump-esque hairpiece and so they’ve kept with that here, but with modern advancements in CGI the updated Pete’s Dragon looks like it may have a little bit more wonder than its predecessor. Also, Karl Urban makes for a fantastic villain. To my knowledge he hasn’t taken on the antagonistic role before (not counting the assassin in Bourne Supremacy) and this could be something he thrives in. I also wonder if Bryce Dallas Howard runs through the forest here in high heels.



  1. The animation is amazing and Moana sounds really sarcastic but clever, kind of like nick Wilde in a way. The hand-drawn animation on the tattoos was a nice touch. Disney has come such a long way from chicken little 🙂


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