For Maze Runner Fans

You may remember we brought you news that the next instalment of The Maze Runner franchise had been delayed indefinitely. Now I return with news that the movie has a new release date: January 2, 2018. That’s a whole year after when it was originally due. Set your calendars.

For Transformers

Following the confirmation of the title of the (God help us) fifth Transformers movie, the hype train kept rolling with the announcement that Sir Anthony Hopkins has joined the cast. I have absolutely no idea what possessed Hopkins to join the multi-billion dollar spinning franchise…

For Rogue One News

The upcoming Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One, has been pencilled in for reshoots to supposedly add more character building scenes. Everyone loves character building. The claim is most of the scenes are simply talking in the cockpit style pieces but we don’t know for certain. It’s starting to become common practise for large franchise movies to complete re-shoots.


For Rogue One News

But it’s difficult not to worry. Historically reshoots have been a big red flag for the quality of a movie. Even though Marvel are slowly changing the opinion of restarting production and tinkering, there are still too many examples of reshoots destroying movies. Just look at Fant4stic, actually don’t just take my word for it.

For X-Men’s Marketing Team

X-Men: Apocalypse continued its massive marketing push, as expected. What the marketing team at Fox didn’t expect was the need to issue an apology. The image of Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse strangling Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique has been used on a huge billboards in the USA, with the image seen as having an “upsetting connotation”.

My opinion is split. I fully understand that the image could be “upsetting” for certain people, domestic abuse is no laughing matter. However by having the striking image of a person being strangled on the poster does put over the villainy our heroes will face during X-Men: Apocalypse. 

Interestingly the strangulation image in question hasn’t been used alone in the UK to advertise, so clearly somebody at Fox must have spotted the potential PR issue.


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