Finding Dory

I thought I had clicked on the new Finding Dory trailer but I was mistaken. Instead I was disappointed to find Dreamworks Presents: a Cars 2 TV Movie Special. I kid but holy hell, this trailer is terrible. None of the voices sound right, the characters seem off, there doesn’t appear to an actual story. NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE! The ending is going to be “But Dory, Me and Nemo are your family.” I’ve just saved you £8.50.

Deepwater Horizon

Director Peter Berg has a pretty lacklustre filmography to reminisce over, but after his war film Lone Survivor finally brought some critical as well as commercial success, he clearly feels that he struck the winning formula and intends to recreate that. Hence, we see again another action heavy true story that has Marky Mark Whalberg leading the show. The trailer itself is promising and the sense of impending doom weighs heavy on the plot, and that could make for an intense disaster feature. However, it’s the characters you need to be rooting for and with the rig’s workers including John Malkovich and Kurt Russell, you know there’s going to be some impressive moments to feast upon.

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