For Carlo Ancelotti

There was good news from the incoming Bayern Munich manager as he confirmed that he has bagged a cameo in the upcoming Star Trek: Beyond. Although JJ Abrams has stressed that Ancelotti is not playing Khan, rumours are swirling that he is indeed stepping into Ricardo Montalbán’s shoes.

For Kingsman 2

The first Kingsman movie was great. That’s a fact. You know what else is a fact? The cast for the sequel is looking good. Joining Eggsy and Roxy is Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Elton John and Jeff Bridges. That’s a really varied selection of actors.

For Box Office Success in the Face of Bad Reviews

As much as we like to hope that online reviews are a major factor in seeing a movie. Sometimes a below average movie defies the poor reviews and has a strong performance at the Box Office. In this case, the lacklustre X-Men: Apocalypse opened in the USA at the number 1 slot, amassing a healthy $80 million in the process.


For Box Office Success in the Face of Bad Reviews

However, bad reviews have compounded the box office response to Disney sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass. Opening to $21 million in the USA, it’s a far cry from the first instalment that went on to gain over $1 billion worldwide.

For People Understanding Franchise Building

Somehow the movie news websites were a buzz with news that Saban has a contract in place of seven Power Rangers movies. Because the internet is unable to take a step back and breathe, instantly the idea of SEVEN Power Rangers movie was absurd. Well yeah, making all of the films would be crazy if they were making all seven in one go but that’s not the case. It’ll depend on Box Office, critical and audience response. LIKE ANY FRANCHISE EVER. Calm down internet, maybe Power Rangers will be good and we will want seven of them.

Wait, Max Landis is writing it? Oh.


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