And with this film’s release, the greatest bromance story was born. Though my very use of the word may have you thinking that Everybody Wants Some!! is a film to avoid, let me quickly turn you back to the cinema with haste, as this is one you shouldn’t miss. The follow up to his magnum opus Boyhood, Richard Linklater has provided an equally simple yet brilliant tale that plays as an almost spiritual sequel to his 1993 film Dazed and Confused. Set over just a few days, this tale of a bunch of raucous college kids has you craving the party lifestyle, simply because it comes across so undeniably infectious.

The action here centres around the week leading up to college, where our leading man Jake arrives on a baseball scholarship. He rolls up to a house provided by the university that hosts his future team-mates, a tribal group of red-blooded males that live off their primal instincts. As soon as you enter the house you can feel the testosterone oozing from the walls and from each character as they get introduced one by one, some welcoming their new roommate while others attempt to assert their dominance. All of this exaggerated machismo takes a while to warm to, but you’re soon caught up in the pack mentality.

Fortunately with Linklater at the helm, these men that could have so easily been the targets of a misogynistic onslaught have such an endearing quality that is difficult to describe. Each one of them is lovable in their own way, envious not for their lifestyles but by the fact that they all live in the moment without a care in the world. Jake himself is a more simple character than some of his new friends, but even he is interesting with Linklater’s screenplay to work with. His romance with the beautiful auburn-haired Beverley is equally as captivating and provides fitting balance to the bravado on show throughout, that brings another edge and quality to the Everybody Wants Some!!

The film ends where school starts, and despite the fact that these guys have spent such a short time together you can feel the bond they’ve made, and it’s all believable. mostly because you feel that bond too. You love these characters because of their charms as well as their faults, and you dread the school bell because you know it’s the end for you. Linklater has proved again that he is master filmmaker, and that Everybody Wants Some!! is completely deserving of its double punctuation.




  1. I enjoyed reading your review and I wish I could share your enthusiasm for it. However, I cant recall a movie that has attracted such extremes of opinion. While I’m glad you liked it, my review paints a very different opinion.


    • Just read your review. I guess I felt the main draw of the film was its feel good factor. I had a sense of envy throughout of the care free summer which is something of a dream to myself in this day and age. I can definitely understand your gripes, but I guess it just filled me with wishful thinking.

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