Beauty and the Beast

Ooh, how exciting, another live action Disney remake! I wonder how long the novelty of seeing Dan Stevens as a real-life beast will last before I remember that I know this entire story! I guess that’s one of the few things you can say about this new Beauty and the Beast trailer, that at least Beast et al is, at the moment, a surprise for the main release. I’m fairly intrigued to see how they’re going to handle all the anthropomorphic characters, but that’s literally all I’m intrigued to see. Based on the glimpses from the trailer, I’d say we’re a bit interested to see how Hermione and Bill Weasley: A Return to a Forgotten Hogwarts turns out. Wouldn’t that be a twist…

Star Trek: Beyond

Thank goodness for that.

The first trailer for Star Trek: Beyond was alright. Not awful, not great, simply okay. This new trailer fills me with hope that we have a movie similar to the 2009 classic and less like the polarising Into Darkness. There’s more character moments on show, more plot and a better use of the ACTION, ACTION, ACTION.

Independence Day: Resurgence

The original Independence Day resembles a time forgotten, when CGI was able to blow our minds with feats never imagined before. When Manhattan is flattened at the hands of an alien invasion the first time around is still brilliant, and so my only hope for Resurgence is that it has an ounce of the wonderment that we saw back in 1996. This extended trailer didn’t have that same shock factor the first teaser did with the destruction of London, but hope for those larger than life moments still remain.My only fear is that the CGI use will be because they can, rather than because they should.


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