For Star Trek and (Sort of) Ghostbusters

New trailers dropped this week for Star Trek: Beyond and Ghostbusters. I’m not going to review them, that’s Trailer Tuesday‘s job, however both trailers received better receptions than their predecessors. The response still varies, to an extent. Star Trek is getting a “that’s much better” relief style response and Ghostbusters, whilst still the victim of internet shit, is receiving slightly rose-ier smelling shit.

For the Lone Person Wanting a Tetris Movie

Remember Tetris? Of course you do, everyone knows Tetris. It’s a gaming rite of passage. Which is why, obviously, we are being blessed with a Tetris movie. Excited?! Who am I kidding? OF COURSE YOU ARE! The good news isn’t over though: IT’S A TRILOGY.

For the DCEU’s Future

It’s been a very rocky road for DC and Warner Brothers’ movie universe. Mixed reviews for both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman coupled with relative disappointment at the Box Office has resulted in changes in the producer level of the DCEU. Comic book and TV writer, Geoff Johns has been drafted in to guide the franchise to calmer waters and a Harley Quinn solo movie has been added to the future slate.


For the DCEU’s Past

That good news about the future almost means bad news for past. Geoff Johns’ addition signals a move which will, thankfully, limit Zack Synder’s creative control. Despite Synder’s claim that Warner Bros. were satisfied with his work, the changes clearly show the powers that be thought differently.

For Star Wars

Star Wars? In the bad week section?” Yes, it happens. The title of Episode VIII has been allegedly leaked online. If you don’t want to know until it’s official, stop reading now. SPOILER ALERT. The movie is apparently subtitled Fall of the Resistance. That’s not great. It sounds like the title of every Star Wars fan fiction for the past 20 years. I suppose The Force Awakens wasn’t the best title either, so maybe it’ll grow on us.



  1. A film trilogy about Tetris….as bad as that sounds, i’m actually curious to see what kind of story they think they can tell with that sort of premise (I mean, they did make a movie based on Battleship after all, why not Tetris?)

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