8. X-Men Origins: Wolverinewolverine

Pathetic adaptation of X-Men lore’s most famous story. Terrible CGI. Will.I.Am. Muted Deadpool. This movie is unwatchable. Leaked online to horrendous reviews, would Fox learn from their mistake?

7. X-Men: The Last Stand

Where Origins: Wolverine was a pathetic reimagining, The Last Stand is a rushed adaptation. The Jean Grey/Phoenix story was an arc people wanted to see on the big screen but this was not what was wanted. Thankfully the addition of Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut ensured the movie would not finish in last place.

6. The Wolverinewolverine

Hugh Jackman’s second bite of the solo cherry is certainly better than the first. The entire movie is (practically) retconned at the end movie anyway.

5. X-Menx-men

The original movie sets the tone of the X-Men franchise. It’s has ups and it has downs. Let’s just be thankful the movie worked at all or we probably wouldn’t have the wonderful world of comic book movies that we enjoy now.

4. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past is time-travelling fun in the 1980’s. It was an astute move by the executives at Fox to bring the old cast back to interact with the new, it’s just a shame that the ending seemingly removed future movies of any tension. Also it won the Quicksilver War.

3. X-Men 2x2

Had X-Men 2 flopped there was not going to be a franchise. Thankfully the sequel surpassed it’s predecessor and delivered one of those movies that make r/Movies say “It’s not just a good comic book movie, it’s a good movie”.

2. X-Men: First Classfirstclass

Dropping the entire cast and starting a fresh with Hollywood’s up and coming was a ballsy move and it paid off. By far the best ensemble X-Men movie, breathing new life into a wilting franchise which was falling behind it’s Marvel counterparts.

1. DeadpoolDeadpool

Number 1? You’re damn right. Deadpool was a masterclass in honouring the spirit of the source material. It’s the only X-Men movie to really capture the magic of what made people fall in love with the comic books. Maybe it was lightning in a bottle, maybe the upcoming sequel will suck, maybe it’s best we concentrate on celebrating the outstanding movie we were graced with. And to think, it all came about after a leak of test footage. Fox got this one right.


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