For Canine Cinema-goers

Ever wondered what it would be like to take a dog to the cinema with you? Well, wonder no more as Picturehouse Central in London has begun the barking gimmick of dog screenings. Why? Nobody knows.

For Fant4stic Fans

It’s universally agreed that Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four was a disaster. On and off screen problems (to put it lightly) plagued the production, so it’s with surprise that there are rumblings a sequel is in the works. Apparently the same cast will return for a bright and funny outing. Why? Nobody knows.

For the Perfect Movie Equation

Boffins in boffinland have put together the equation for the perfect movie. Based on the IMDB Top 250, the secret to a successful movie is a budget of £50m with a rating of 15. Starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy, the 129 minute long drama would involve a death and be directed by Christopher Nolan. With a snappy 3 word title, what could this movie be missing?


For Women in the Perfect Movie Equation

Oh yeah, women. Because the data is based on the Top 250 there’s very little women in the movies. The report did show that a female led movie would need Carrie Fisher to stand a chance.

For Maze Runner Fans

Sorry guys, it’s going to be a long wait for the next Maze Runner movie. Production of latest instalment The Death Cure has been put on indefinite hold as lead star Dylan O’Brien has sustained injuries preventing him from filming. Oh no!

For the Ghostbusters’ Trailer

Okay, I admit it. This isn’t specifically from this week but it’s been a quiet forenight in Hollywood. Ghostbusters reboot star Melissa McCarthy has joined in with the dislike of the trailer that graced the internet, stating it does not show a true likeness of the actual movie. Perhaps it’s damage limitation, perhaps it’s a honest assessment. Either way, bad news for the trailer’s editor.


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