Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

That did not look good. A big screen adventure for Eddy and Patsy is an easy sell for fans of the British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous but after a trailer like that, I am not so sure. The jokes in the trailer simply do not land and feel horribly out of date. It does not bode well for the Absolutely Fabulous movie when BBC Films is showing it has little faith in the movie itself; they have already announced all the cameos in the movie. Let us hope the better jokes are being saved for the movie…

Captain Fantastic 

Before you ask, no – it’s not a film for the latest Marvel superhero. Captain Fantastic represents both an interesting and deeply humanistic piece that has turned many heads on the festival circuit. Already quite well known for being very selective with his acting roles, Viggo Mortensen heads up what is on the whole a cast filled with youthful unfamiliar faces that appear to hold the brunt of what this story intends to tell. Following their mother’s passing, the family leave their somewhat idyllic hillbilly lives to experience a modernist society that is so alien to each of them on an intrinsic social level. With the importance of family seemingly running through Captain Fantastic at its core, this indie outfit could possess enough charm and morale fibre to resonate with many later this year.


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