Phase 3 is go. Marvel has kick started the next chapter of it’s multi billion dollar franchise with the 3rd Captain America movie: Captain America: Civil War. When yet another superhero to the rescue leads to innocent lives being lost, the Avengers are divided over an accords bill citing that the Avengers program should be under the control of the United Nations. Iron Man leading the team who agrees with the bill and the repercussions that should come with failure, and Captain America fighting for freedom or, as some might argue, the ability to act above the law.

Civil War is not afraid to discuss the politics that arise from the situation our heroes find themselves thrust into. Despite being a “Captain America” movie, when it comes to the point/counter point arguments, they are fair and presented in a manner that will equally divide the audience, as is clearly intended.

Of course, it’s not 2 and half hours of heated round table debate. Many critics have already heaped praise on the sequence and I will join in. The entire airport fight, the money shot used on every advert with the opposing teams running head first at each other, is simply the greatest superhero fight we’ve witnessed. It’s perfectly choreographed with its timing on point and you can feel every bit of effort that has been made to ensure all the characters are fully engaged at all times. There are moments for long term, die hard Marvel fans mixed with casual, awesome action pieces. I can’t stress enough how gorgeous this scene is.

Just like The AvengersCivil War succeeds in balancing the characters. Each person gets their own moment without, for the most part, the story being hindered. The only issue is some of the introductions into the story are sometimes along the lines of “oh, I’ll get Ant-Man”, “oh, I’ll just pop down the road to pick up Spider-Man.” I appreciate, however, with a cast this large some creative corners need to be cut.

Speaking of Spider-Man, Marvel have done it again. Within 30 seconds of Tom Holland’s appearance, you are on board. The energy he has enthused to the character is clear for all to see. I, like everyone else, was sceptical we needed ANOTHER Spider-Man in the world, but I was proven wrong. Roll on Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Captain America: Civil War is the perfect remedy for those weary of Marvel’s ensemble Avengers movies following Age of Ultron. Essentially what the Russo Brothers have created here is a message to the world: “Infinity War is in good hands”.



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