Independence Day: Resurgence

When the first trailer dropped for the new Independence Day movie, I was underwhelmed. The first trailer looked like a fan made effort from the pages of Reddit. Clips of Jeff Goldblum exploring the vertical, destruction from an Asylum movie and THAT speech from the original movie. There was nothing special to set it apart. Enter trailer number 2. This one finally brings us the stakes but with the fun elements that made Independence Day stand out more evidently. Although I am still weary that Resurgence will be disappointing, if the movie is closer to this trailer than the teaser then we may be in luck.


Magnificent Seven

(Open on Ray Von as Quizmaster)

Ray Von: I want you to name the Magnificent Seven?

(Cut to team name Lord Love Rocket and his mongy mate Max outside the club)

Max: OK, now we’re talking…here we go. Coburn, McQueen…and Yul Brenner

(Cut back inside the club to Kenny Senior, Young Kenny and Spencer)

Spencer: Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy! We’ll Shit em!

That exchange from Peter Kay’s Pheonix Nights is as bout as far as my knowledge of the original film extends. Research will inform you that even the original was a remake of Akira Kurosowa’s 1950s film Seven Samurai, and research may not tell you, but it is indeed fact, that the story has never been told better than in Pixar’s A Bugs Life. 

So with so many classic interpretations of the same story, is there any need for another version? The simple answer is an obvious no. To explore the 2016 adaptation’s teaser trailer is akin to foraging in a familiar and now exhausted wood. We see some explosions, contemporary twists on Wild West weaponary (but there’s no Will Smith?), kooky, but ultimately no doubt irrelevant characters, and Chris Pratt doing his whole thing that he does – and what’s the result, nothing worth swallowing.


Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne has now hit our cinema screens so many times that I’m quite surprised the interchangeable CIA exec is so shocked to see him pop up on their surveillance. By now we all know who Jason Bourne is, and I can only imagine that their stupefied look comes from the knowledge that they are about to become royally fucked. The trailer shows us that Matt Damon a.k.a Jason Bourne has not waned at all in his later years and is still a master at getting what he wants, but it’s at this point that it’s starting to appear that he will never find solace in what happened to him under Treadstone. Regardless, he isn’t going to go down without a fight, and the reunion in partnership of Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon will surely quieten any discontent that they’re adding a little more to what was an impressive trilogy.