Adapted from the best-selling book “The Spirit Level” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, The Divide tells the real life story of a group of individuals working towards a better life in their own individual ways. Despite the different paths the group have taken, they all come to realise their lives are controlled by one thing: “the size of the gap between rich and poor”.

The documentary details a wide variety of financial situations. Leah Taylor and Janet Sparks work in KFC and Walmart respectively, whilst Alden Cass is a Wall Street Psychologist. Jennifer Cooper is a gated community resident in America and Rochelle Monte is an English Careworker. Closing out the seven is Darren McGarvey a Scottish rapper and Keith Thomas who is currently in jail.

After making its rounds on the Film Festival circuit, including a Best UK Film nomination at the London Open City Film Festival, The Divide is finally getting its UK cinema release. The movie, based in the UK and US, has already earned strong reviews and looks like a human documentary that bucks the trend of being simply a sob story with nothing to say.

The Divide is in cinemas nationwide from the 22/04/2016.


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