When a film starts off its description of the premise by saying ‘in a future with no emotions’ you can’t help but feel that’s one helping of foresight we’ve seen all too often. However, there is some intrigue in Equals, where ironically there may be a more humanistic approach than other films of the same ilk (Equilibrium). Those who still struggle to leave behind the memories of Twilight are quick to make jokes about Kristen Stewart being ideal for a role that requires little emotion, but they are comments of the uninformed. Stewart put in a stellar performance in Camp X-Ray back in 2014 and has been making smart career choices since, and at the age of 26 has a bright future ahead of her. Alongside another up and comer in Nicholas Hoult this could be a film for forging careers.

The Neon Demon

Regardless of the odd eccentric who claims that Only God Forgives was a good movie, fans of Nicolas Winding Refn came down heavy on the brakes in their reaction to his follow up of the successful Drive. With Only God Forgives Refn showed that, as a director, he may need some reeling in with regards to his creativity from time to time, and a gentle reminder that people do actually like a plot, however faint. Though it’s hard to say whether Refn has learnt from his mistakes, The Neon Demon has all the signature elements of a director that continues to show he isn’t afraid to stand out. With fantastic visuals and some curiously stylish set ups, The Neon Demon is asking to be gawked at, but hopefully Refn knows that isn’t all we need. The dialogue seems to point towards a narrative, so as of now we can only hope it’s a step in the right direction.


Pick of the Week: Doctor Strange

As neurosurgeon Steven Strange is flicked out of his body by a bald Tilda Swinton into an astral form, the trailer quickly reminds us that you need to ‘open your mind’. That’s because the Marvel universe is about to have a go at magic, and that’s a little more tricky than science or Godly power. Magic can be a bit of a mcguffin in itself, holding the ability to do anything you can think of with the simple defense of ‘well, it’s magic’. So therein lies the difficulty of merging a different sort of character into the Marvel crew. Fortunately for all, the trailer does little to harm the character’s credibility, helped incredibly by the standing of British heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch. There appears to be plenty of interesting set pieces taking place in the trailer with some straight out of the Inception playbook, but in all there’s nothing to argue about. I just hope the MCU doesn’t become further saturated by another key player added to the roster.