For Cinema Goers

Let’s start with good news that effects everyone. GODDAMN MOBILE PHONES IN THE CINEMA. AMC Theatres in the USA had planned to start allowing people to use their phone during selected screenings but it was quickly shot down after a social media backlash. Let us bask in the knowledge that complaining online isn’t always a bad thing. I really despise people who check their phone during a cinema trip. I still advocate a cinema etiquette licenses to ensure complete fuckers don’t spoil a movie.

For Tween Singers

Are you 15-17 years old? Are you a singing, dancing, acting, sporting wonder and have access to the internet? Most importantly, are you ready for the start of something new? Well, you better get’cha head in the game as I’ve got the news you have been waiting for. Get ready to be soaring and flying as Disney are breaking free an internet wide casting call for High School Musical 4. If I was you I wouldn’t stick to the status quo as for opportunity is not something we are all in this together for. Go Wildcats!

For Avatar Fans

The fans of James Cameron’s box-office king Avatar are in rejoice this week as confirmation was received stating we will be returning to the world of Pandora another 4 times. 4 Avatar sequels, Pandora world at Disney… it’s all good news.


For Everyone Else

That is, of course, if you’re a fan of Avatar. For everyone else it is complete overload. The first Avatar divided opinion. Many argued it was a remake of Pocahontas with a fancy 3D gimmick, whilst others marvelled at the beautiful vistas James Cameron created on Pandora. Either way, get ready for more Avatar.

For Wasp Fans

Superheroes or Fast and Furious, every bloody week. It’s been a bad week for fans of Marvel character Wasp as news dropped she missed out on an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. For fans anticipating Wasp’s appearance on screen, as teased in the credits of Ant-Man, they will probably have to wait until 2018 in the appropriately titled Ant-Man and the Wasp. 

For Asian Actors in Manga Adaptations

And finally controversial news from the Ghost in the Shell live-action adaptation. As if casting Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi wasn’t contentious enough, it was revealed that the producers had looked into using CGI to “shift [the] ethnicity” of the chosen white actors to Asian. Why not save yourself the hassle and simply hire an Asian actor for an Asian role? Better yet, just don’t make the movie.