Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

In a single trailer, Disney has managed to not only ease worries but also raise expectations for the first in a long line of Star Wars spin-offs.

The Theory of Everything star Felicity Jones is leading the infiltration of the Death Star in Rouge One, finally plugging up a plot hole regarding how the Rebels got the Death Star plans in Episode IV. Highlights from the trailer include what looks to be an epic tropical war scene with roaming AT-ATs, the Empire bringing the hammer down and Donnie Yen kicking some serious ass. What the Rogue One trailer does present is a step back to the ‘old’ days of the Star Wars lore, with real love given to recreate the authentic look of the original trilogy but also enough balls to explore new words and aesthetics at the same time. Maybe, just maybe, we are finally going to get the decent Star Wars prequel we deserve.

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

So America has finally got its very own Harry Potter, but is Fantastic Beasts and where to find them better than just a goblinesque, snitch grabbing, broom tugger? (Or to you muggles out there blunt, money spinning coatail rider?)

Immediate impression – it doesn’t seem likely, and my opinion isn’t based soley on the winking Dumbledore name drop, which made me ache all over with cringe. Let me put it this way, do you remember the Roger Moore James Bond films where the random vactioning Texan shows up, and is brash, loud, bumbling and generally  incompetant, and this is funny for some reason because he lacks the charm and sophistication of the suave British fantasy? Well Fantastc Beasts on the face of it seems like this precise joke, but strectched out over an entire film; oh and there seems to be some magic added on.

The main thing going for the film is the script, which was actually written by Potter penner JK Rowling, a fact I only learned today, and did surprise me if I’m being honest. Hopefully on the whole the film’s script will offer more than the initial trailer seems to suggest. I can’t imagine Rowling writing and producing if she didn’t believe in it, so fingers crossed the film won’t leave us all wanting to peer into the mirror of erised, searching for a better edition to the Potter movie franchise.

Pick of the Week: Suicide Squad 

DC is back on the menu boys, and Suicide Squad might finally be the film that satisfies fan’s appetite. Pessimism was high for Batman Vs Superman before it even hit cinemas, and it’s safe to say it did nothing to dispel that fear, but Suicide Squad represents something different yet equally safe. Unlike the darker and brooding run of events that Zack Snyder attempted to bring to the DCU, Suicide Squad arrives with a flair of comedy and wackiness that Marvel have proved to be successful across various features, and in that lies the hope that a lighter edge, along with a host of untouched and untarnished characters will bring some needed fresh air to this companies revival.

Just as we saw with the first trailers fantastic use of Bohemian Rhapsody, the tempo of Ballroom Blitz perfectly encapsulates the fun and frantic approach of Suicide Squad, as well as throwing even more glimpses of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s Joker who will be the focus of fan’s attentions. Early response is positive, and it may be just enough for DC fans to start hoping again.

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  1. I’m confused. What did that review of the FB trailer attempt to explain? You epically fail at recognizing or highlighting any important visuals, you don’t mention any of the characters, the actors, the hints to the plot (people exploding around the room at the political gala, the duels, the MACUSA, the Speakeasy, or the two beasts,) you just make a few really bad Harry Potter…”references”? Puns that have zero to do with Harry Potter?


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