For Fans of School of Rock’s TV Spin-off

Rejoice! The School of Rock TV spin-off has been confirmed to be receiving a second series by Nickelodeon this week. Big questions remain however. Will Freddie return in time for Battle of the Bands? Can Mr. Cool finally muster the courage to ask out Tomika? And since when has there been a fucking TV spin-off/remake of School of Rock?!

For Galaxy Quest

I originally umm-ed and ahh-ed about whether this news is “good week” or “bad week” material. Ultimately I opted for good. Sam Rockwell has confirmed that Galaxy Quest 2 is no longer going ahead. Although the death of Alan Rickman will never be good news, the fact the original movie’s legacy will be left to stand can only be a positive thing.

For Casting News

It wouldn’t be News Reel without a Fast & Furious section. Although I am very apprehensive about an 8th outing for Dom’s familia, the news that Imperator Furiosa herself Charlize Theron will be joining the cast has eased some of those worries. I still feel that Furious 7 was a perfect ending for the franchise but if Fast 8 is to be, then this is as good of a start as any.


For Casting News

For every (positive) action there is an equal and opposite (negative) reaction. Enter mid-noughties rap superstar 50 Cent. Fiddy has claimed online to have bagged a role in the upcoming Predator reboot. I must stress that there’s no official confirmation from the studio (as of posting) but the pairing of actor and film is so out of left field that it’s hard to imagine there not being a grain of truth to the rumour.

For Star Wars’ Manliest Fans

The trailer for the upcoming Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One, finally hit the internet this week (I’m sure it will make an appearance on Trailer Tuesday next week) and, ONCE AGAIN, the main story online is regarding a small section of male fans who are unhappy with another female lead. With Felicity Jones at the helm, a tiny outcry online is stupid enough to warrant attention. The lead tweet of the dissatisfaction reads “just go ahead and paint the Death Star pink”. Hilarious.

For Warner Brothers

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just isn’t being the box-office draw they thought. A slew of turgid reviews has soured the word of mouth, which has resulted in some big changes to Warner Brothers upcoming slate. Wonder Woman has been brought forward by a few weeks whilst Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book: Origins movie has been pushed back by over a year… for the second time! Rumours are swirling that Warner Brothers are angling for more creative control of upcoming projects to ensure profitability… BECAUSE THAT’LL WORK!

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