Trailer Tuesday is here on a weekly basis to provide you with a one stop shop for the most interesting trailers that have come out over the past 7 days. Initial reaction and buzz will be condensed nicely into digestible chunks so that you’re suitably prepared for what’s to come…

Blood Father

After trying for several years to flaunt his artistic flair in the director’s seat, everyone’s favourite antisemite Mel Gibson appears to be residing to living out his twilight years in your middle of the road action movies. Blood Father does have him looking the part it must be said, with the 60 year old rocking the Sons of Anarchy look and pulling it off well. It looks like there is mindless enjoyment to be had here if nothing more, with Gibson’s pedigree in lead roles allowing the film to stand a chance of bringing in audiences come later this year.


After a teaser hit a few months ago for Steven Spielberg’s latest venture, we have now been given the delight of a full introduction to this spectacular update of the classic Roald Dahl tale. Credit where credits due in a time of CGI obscurity, Mark Rylance looks amazing as the gentle giant himself. Pay close attention to his lowering hand in one scene and you can notice the detail that has gone into this creation. With Spielberg at the helm I am confident this will be a sure fire family hit when it releases in July, but much of the story’s success will depend on the likability of young actress Ruby Barnhill, who’s portrayal of Sophie will be the deciding factor for many.

Pick of the Week: Swiss Army Man 

Don’t worry, we’re confused too. The positively ludicrous Swiss Army Man follows Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe who are seemingly stuck on a desert island together. The only problem being that Daniel Radcliffe appears to be a corpse of sorts, who for lack of a better explanation is functioning beyond death to the benefit of his living and breathing counterpart. If you’re scratching your head as to whether this is creative genius or sheer lunacy then have no fear. Early report from Sundance have this film bowing to fantastic praise, showing that there might be heart and story behind its oddities. Regardless of how it makes you feel, it’s definitely going to be one of the most interesting movies to come out in 2016.


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