10. Gridiron Gang

gridironOh boy, this movie is clichéd. Johnson, playing the role of a Detention Centre employee, decides the only way to get teenage punk ass kids off drugs is to set up an American Football team. Gridiron Gang is pretty average but The Rock is charming. Good enough for 10th place.

9. G.I Joe: Retaliation

gijoeSimilar to Gridiron Gang, it’s a case of an alright movie but a solid outing for the Brahma Bull. As Roadblock, Dwayne Johnson is able to carry a sequel that was lacking a charismatic lead in the first outing. (Also Channing Tatum is killed off in about 5 minutes, a dick move.)

8. San Andreas

sanandreasSan Andreas is a movie that has no right to be as good as it is. It’s simply a disaster movie which can be broken down into 3 parts: The Rock laying the smackdown on an earthquake, some science babble from Paul Giamatti and Alexandra Daddrio running around. Safe to say it works.

7. The Scorpion King

scorpionkingIn his first leading role in a major feature length movie, The Rock took on the role of the Scorpion King in the film of the same name. Thankfully this Scorpion King was more king than scorpion, quickly putting aside the freakish cameo he made in The Mummy Returns.

6. The Tooth Fairy

toothfairyIn the late-noughties Johnson took the misguided step of jumping out of the action and into the family genre. Arnie did it, Vin Diesel did it and Sly did it. All to varying degrees of success. Of the kid flicks The Rock made, The Tooth Fairy was by far the best. With Stephen Merchant as back-up, The Tooth Fairy actually musters a few laughs.

5. Fast and Furious 6

fastandfuriousIt’s all good from now on. Reprising his role of Hobbs, The Rock delivers another note-worthy performance for the role that saved the Fast and Furious franchise from becoming straight-to-DVD and turned it into a billion dollar earner. A particular highlight involves Hobbs and Tej buying cars from a snooty British salesmen.

4. Welcome to the Jungle/The Rundown

welcometoDid we ever find out why this movie had two names? If Scorpion King was a good start, Welcome to the Jungle was Johnson’s arrival to Hollywood. This movie showed the powers that be that casting The Rock in a movie is not a risk but a sure fire way to make a hit movie.

3. Pain & Gain

painandgainSorry critics, you got this one wrong. Pain & Gain is a great movie, which was a victim of all the bad-will director Michael Bay had built up. As Paul Doyle, The Rock shines as a steroid using, God worshipping maniac who barbeques hands. If you ever needed proof that the Rock’s in ring charisma translates to the big screen, Pain & Gain is the proof.

2. Walking Tall

walkingtallOften mocked as being the same movie as Welcome to the Jungle, despite the similarities only being “The Rock is a badass”, Walking Tall is a hell of a lot of fun. Also starring Johnny Knoxville, the movie was sneered for letting “a 2 x 4 do all the talking”. Are you kidding me? It’s an action movie, for crying out loud.

1. Fast Five

fastfiveIn this weird mix of “Best Dwayne Johnson Performances” and “Best Movies Starring Dwayne Johnson” only one movie was going to win. It’s the top of both lists. It’s Fast Five, the movie that changed a franchise forever. The injection of (the Jabroni beating, LALALA, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, heart stopping, elbow dropping, electrifying the dirty south, so Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth, People’s Champ) The Rock was a genius move. It gave Vin Diesel an antagonist that was an actual physical equal but also “Dwayne Johnson” enough that The Rock was able to get the audience on his side.

See you at Wrestlemania, Rocky.



  1. I adore natural disaster flicks (Twister and the Poseidon Adventure being some of my favorites) and I was genuinely surprised at how enjoyable San Andreas was. I’m glad it made your list.

    I think I would have chosen the Game Plan for his dip into the family film area.

    Also, I loved Walking Tall and the Rundown!


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